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Non-Conventional Energy Resources - NPTEL Assignment 11 Answers

NCER Assignment 11 solution - NCER NPTEL

We will discuss about Assignment-11 of AKTU which is the realted to NCER ( Non-Conventional Energy Resources) NPTEL. Now you can find here all solution correctly.

Today, We will discuss about Assignment-11 of AKTU which is the realted to NCER ( Non-Conventional Energy Resources) NPTEL. Now you can find here all solution correctly ,If any answer appears to wrong then suggest me ,I will improve that answer as soon as possible.So without doing any delay,Let's Start....

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👀NCER 2019 Assignment-11 Ka Solution👀

Due date for this assignment: 2019-04-17, 23:59 IST. 

(1) Fuel cells are energy storage devices
Ans: False 

(2) An SOFC operates at approximately 70 oC
Ans: False 

(3) PEFCs uses gases as reactants
 Ans: True 

(4) Partial oxidation, used for reforming fuels, is an exothermic process
Ans: True 

(5) Flow fields are necessary to distribute reactants across the active area of the fuel cells
Ans: True 

(6) Under constant current mode of operation, the degradation of a fuel cell may be expressed in mA/h
Ans: False 

Note: Two fuel cells, each operating at 0.6 V, 0.5 A/cm2, are connected in series. The area of each of the cells is 30 cm2. { Q(7) & Q(8) are connected to each other. }
(7) The voltage of the stack is __________V
            ⃢   👈
 Ans: 1.2 

 (8) The power from the stack is ____________ W
            ⃢   👈
Ans: 18 

Note: The theoretical voltage of a fuel cell is 1.23 V. {Q(9) & Q(10) are connected to each other.}
 (9) If the operating point of the fuel cell is 0.6 V, the over potential losses are _________ V.
             ⃢   👈
Ans: 0.63 

(10) If the impedance (ohmic) due to the membrane and contact resistance of the cell is 0.01Ω and the current in the cell is 15 Amps the polarization losses due to reasons other than ohmic are  _______ V.
             ⃢   👈
Ans: 0.48 

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  1. Attention Friends!!!,
    Correction hai, Dhyan Dijiyega:
    Q(2): False
    Q(3): True
    Q(4): True
    Q(6): False

    Note: Aur hoga to update kr diya jayega, Last date ke pahle jarur match kara len.

  2. bhaiya dekh lo tumpe Vishwas kar ke is bar submit kar rhe h..
    Umeed karte sab shubh ho Koi locha na ho
    Namaste ����

    1. sorry! please do correction.solution are mentioned in comment.

  3. how you got 2.05v for overpotential losses . can you please share the calculation behind it ?

  4. Sorry friends! again few correction:
    Q(9): 0.63
    Q(10): 0.48

    In Q(9)-
    theoretical voltage - 1.23
    operating voltage - 0.6
    so, over potential losses = 1.23 - 0.6 = 0.63

    Then in Q(10)-
    Resistence= 0.01 ohm
    Current = 15 amps
    ohmic loss = 0.01 * 15 = 0.15
    Then polarization losses other than ohmic loss =
    0.63 - 0.15 = 0.48

  5. In 9th and 10th, are they asking for single fuel cell or the whole stack?

  6. Bhai youtube pe 9th me divide kiya gaya hai aapne Minus kiya hai
    Plzz Confirm kar do bhai..

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